Without a doubt, a strong online brand will help your business grow. Have you covered all the basics necessary to launch your business’s online presence?

Use this checklist to help track your progress…and stay on pace for online success.

1. Did you register a relevant, memorable domain name?
2. Did you set ambitious, but realistic, online goals?
3. Did you weigh your website building options and make a choice that takes your unique needs into consideration?
4. Did you create content for five core website pages: Home, About Us, Products/Services, Testimonials and Contact?
5. Do you clearly explain who you are and what you do?
6. Does your home page have a call to action?
7. Have you included customer quotes, reviews or testimonials?
8. Have you clearly defined your pricing, warranties and refunds?
9. Did you use compelling images (photos, videos, logos, etc.)?
10. Did you include your primary contact info on every page?
11. Did you use relevant, specific keywords in your website’s content?
12. Did you include meta tags on your website?
13. Did you consider the benefits of including a blog?
14. Did you create profiles on social media networks with the greatest potential value for your business?
15. Did you include social media buttons on your website (i.e. Can a customer “Like” you on Facebook® from your site)?
16. Did you set up a business-class email account?
17. Do you have a sign-up form on your site to collect email addresses?
18. Have you considered an email marketing program?
19. Do you have a special offer for website visitors and social followers?
20. Have you looked into web analytics to improve your site’s performance?

20-Point Online Brand Checklist