Janet Perkins’s husband Clarence served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. When he began losing his vision, Janet saw how the community members they drew on for support helped Clarence to rejoin society and live a meaningful life. But she knew if she hadn’t been available to drive him everywhere, Clarence would likely have withdrawn from society because transportation options for disabled people are both scant and difficult to use.

Together, Janet and Clarence decided to form Veteran Transportation Services, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that helps disabled veterans return to a full and productive life by assisting them with transportation in Mecklenburg County, Georgia, and the surrounding area

My successes. 

The Perkins successfully launched their business in 2013, and since then have acquired two vans. In September 2016, Novant Health donated three additional vans. The Perkins also host yearly “Military Golf Playoff” fundraisers to keep themselves financially solvent.

How SCORE helped. 

Janet attended a SCORE workshop on how to develop a business plan and worked with SCORE mentor Kathy Pierce, who helped the Perkins conceive and launch the business.

Janet advises others thinking about starting a small business to “be focused and committed to your mission” and to “be prepared to last for the long haul.”

Veteran Transportation Services, Inc.